Linux For Cyber Security – Top 25 Beginner Commands
Published on: August 29, 2020
Written By Colin
Linux for cyber security

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Why Should You Learn Linux For Cyber Security?

Learning Linux can be one of the best educational investments you can make to prepare yourself to excel in the field of cyber security. Linux is widely used in cyber security by both red and blue teams.

This course will provide you with 25 of the most commonly used Linux terminal commands. After completing his course, will be all set to get started in your Linux distribution of choice.

Beginner Linux Commands

Follow Along!

Follow Along:

1:40 – pwd

1:54 – ls

3:40 – man

4:35 – cd

7:18 – bash history

7:45 – su

8:08 – what is a root user in linux?

8:23 – whoami

8:52 – clear

8:58 – sudo

10:03 – useradd

10:08 – passwd

10:53 – echo part 2

11:52 – cp

13:25 – mv

14:10 – echo part 2

14:49 – cat

15:36 – touch

16:00 – mkdir

17:25 – rm

17:40 – rmdir

19:00 – less

20:05 – head

20:40 – tail

22:20 – grep

24:25 – nano

25:50 – vim

28:09 – writing your first bash script

30:30 – chmod

33:40 – zip

34:20 – how to make an encrypted zip

36:00 – creating file hashes with linux

36:30 – md5sum

37:00 – shasum

37:50 – wget

38:45 – curl

40:00 – ping

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